This early evening me and political commentator/ journalist David Torrance got into a wee discussion about GERS and debated if the figures were accurate or not. Now for many of you who’ve read my earlier work, you’ll know I’ve gone over in a fair amount of detail why GERS is inaccurate whilst discussing how we could change the current economic trend with different policy decisions. After all, independence gives Scotland full control over macroeconomic levers.

Funny enough David Torrance deleted his tweets within ten minutes of our discussion (or because he later blocked me I couldn’t see them). However, thanks to Twitter user Robbie (@RobDunsmore) he managed to get a copy of them for me. So big thanks to him, since I lost my screengrabs of them myself.

Here’s how the debate went…


torrance 1

torrance 2

torrance 3


This is how the debate ended.




It was pretty evident that by the end of the debate David Torrance had nothing left to argue other than ‘nah nah you GERS denier!”

I happily welcome opposing views, especially when people produce evidence to try and refute the argument I use. But if you’re simply going to block the other person and use simple terms such as “#GERSdenier”, then what does that show? It’s just as valid as Donald Trump screaming “FAKE NEWS” unless you actually prove otherwise. I was expecting better from someone who is frequently on the news and writes for multiple newspapers.

Or maybe my expectations are too high?