For anyone who knows me personally, there is one group in all of Scottish politics who I take a very large disliking to, that being Stirling Labour which is lead by Johanna Boyd.

I’ve written about them many times in the past, especially Boyd who calls herself a feminist but laughs at sexist jokes, scares pensioners into voting Labour, tried to block Alex Salmond’s book tour, supports immigration detentions that abuse people’s civil liberties and with her party tried to sell off Stirling’s leisure centres to a company from down south in Leicestershire called Sports and Leisure Management Limited (which oddly enough the business’s parent company may have had some relation with Stirling council). The attempted cost to privatise Stirling’s leisure services alone is £63,000, and will be going into the hundred thousands. Oh, and the council also spent £30,000 on a car for the Lord Provost, when they easily could have bought a much cheaper vehicle.

As you can tell, I do have my issues with them. And when raising these issues this is how they reacted…


stirling labour


Mature, isn’t it? But since the local council elections are right around the corner, it shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone that they’re playing a very dirty game. A few days ago they decided to make this outlandish claim on social media:


Stirling Labour 2


The reason this is a lie is for many reasons. For starters, the local SNP council group are opposed to fracking themselves on the lines with the SNP policy, and the consultation is to gather the views from people across the country. If Labour find it so incredibly insulting that the SNP want to hear out local people, then they’re approaching this election the wrong way. But we already know that there’s a moratorium in place that stops hydraulic fracturing for shale oil and gas and extraction of coal bed methane (with the benefit of fracking companies unable to take the Scottish Government to court over it). For more on the moratorium, you can read more here from Friends of Earth.

If you still have doubt, here’s the SNP’s policy:


SNP policy


And Labour have a cheek, since their own leadership candidates years ago seemed to hold differing opinions. And just when you think their deceitful attitude ends there, this leaflet starts popping up from nowhere:


stirling labour 3


We’ll make this short it take it point by point (thanks and credit goes to Lee Robb for gathering this information).

1) New and upgraded schools

You can give a huge thank you to the SNP government for allocating £230 million in resources to help build and refurbish these schools.

2) Building affordable homes for you

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3) Safer roads and footpaths

Let’s take that to the test with Maintaining Scotland’s Roads report.


stirling roads


stirling roads 2


So the Audit Scotland report actually found that Labour cut the maintenance budget. It’s almost as if Labour lied

4) Funding Services for young and old

I mean, we could just pretend that the Labour/Tory coalition never cut £700,000 from social care in 2016, and that might make the statement more true. But they did…so it isn’t (and the fact Stirling’s chief finance officer has already said there has been an increase in funding for local services makes it even more damning).

5) A city deal to back all of Stirling 

They might want to mention that it was backed by all parties, with both the UK and Scottish government. So if they were going to be honest, they would give credit where it is due.

Stirling Labour are an absolute mess of a political group, and come next month’s council election local residents will have the chance to kick them out of office. But unless they are called out on their nonsense (no matter how bad they are suffering in the polls), they still have a chance of being re-elected with the Tories in power. So if you live in Stirling or know of someone who does, share this with others and don’t let Labour get away with their tripe.

Let’s do this folks.