When we consider the slow death of Scottish Labour, many of us will look upon their political decisions, such as joining the Tories in 2014, having a pro-austerity agenda for the 2015 General Election campaign or their general disregard for the Scottish electorate.

Or, we can look at their members who represent them, such as Michael Sheridan.


micheal 9


Michael Sheridan has the classic appearance of a neoliberal within the Scottish branch office, as he’s openly voiced his opinion to have Jeremy Corbyn sacked, questions how baby boxes will be funded, whilst also engaging with online users in, erm, a pretty objectionable approach.




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damn micheal


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Michael Sheridan has already apologised for the last two images above to the user called Tracey, saying it was his friend who made the comments on his account.

(and when raising the other tweets with him, he wasn’t afraid to hold back)


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But that’s not why we’re talking about him today and his remarks, since he got my attention when sharing one of my tweets:


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Michael Sheridan doesn’t seem to understand the process of how parliament works. So for his benefit let’s go over why such a weird claim has been made and why legislation is not firing out of Holyrood constantly.

For starters, if Michael asked you to name one piece of legislation passed within the last year, you can take him here.


budget bill


And if you want more bills, there’s an entire list here or here for anyone to look at in detail. Michael seems to be struggling to do basic research.

Secondly, the first year of parliament usually does not to have a lot of legislation, for many reasons that Michael should already know about. You need to have a lot of post legislative scrutiny to occur, and it’s not like there haven’t been statutory instruments. An example for that can be council tax reform, which doesn’t actually need legislation to make changes. And there’s also lots of consultation to occur, with other pieces to publish and discuss. Again, another example of that is the Scottish Government’s Mental Health Strategy or powers to tackle domestic abuse.

Michael Sheridan is a clear example as to why Labour are unfit to be in government. If you expect a stream of legislation to come pouring out of Holyrood, then you fit the role as an opposition party, not one which is fit for government.

I also suspect that Michael will be getting a message from Labour Branch head office soon, probably being told to stop acting like a complete child.

UPDATE: Michael is now heavily suggesting he will take me to court for this article…


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Well, we wish him luck.

(Incase there are numpties out there with any ideas, please do not go out your way to give Michael greif in any form whatsoever. Abuse or bullying is not tolerated.)