About Us

The YoungTeam4Indy was founded in 2016 by a bunch of politically active youngsters, to provide a place for politically engaged young people to come together and campaign towards our dream of an independent Scotland.

Cameron Archibald

Research, Content and Knowledge Manager

Cameron is 18 years old and began his interest in the political landscape back in Dundee during the 2010 general election. After moving to Stirling in 2012, he joined Yes Scotland and began campaigning in his local area whilst also taking part in larger national events. Representing young voices for independence, he has shared platforms with Bruce Crawford SNP MSP, Kezia Dugdale Scottish Labour leader, Zara Kitson Co-Convenor of Glasgow Greens branch, Keith Brown SNP MSP and Jenni Gunn Rise candidate for the Scottish parliament elections in 2016. After the independence referendum, Cameron went on to campaign in Stirling to become a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament, which he successfully won with an increased voter turnout. Cameron is to begin studying at Stirling University in September 2016 to study Politics and History.

Stephen Brereton


Stephen is a 20 years old who loves reading, singing, dancing, swimming, basketball, movies, and…food! But there is one thing he missed there, and that is Politics, Scotland’s Politics in particular. From the moment he found out about Scottish Independence, he was ecstatic about researching everything he could to find out what was best for Scotland. He decided to vote YES in 2014. He was devastated at the result. Now, we all have a second chance at determining our future, and he hopes it comes soon. Scotland is his home and he loves everything about his home, it’s people and most of all, he cares deeply for it’s future.

Lewis Gilfillan

Web Application, IT Development & Media Co-ordinator

Lewis is a 16-year-old media enthusiast. He started his first radio station back in 2012 and did not get involved in politics until very late 2013. Today he runs two media companies offering a wide range of services with many different radio stations. In early 2014, his knowledge in radio media played its part in the Scottish Independence referendum as he and Rory went on to set up a radio station dedicated to independence that goes by the name of Indy Scot Radio. During the 2014 referendum, he campaigned under the RIC banner. Later on in early 2016, he joined RISE a few months before the general election. His goal for YTI is to see it strive the motivation in young people to stand up for what they believe in such as Scottish Independence.

Jack McKelvie

General Secretary and Communications

Jack is 18 years old. He is from the East End of Glasgow and still lives there today. He is football daft, very into history and also very outspoken. He has been involved in politics most of his life due to family relations in politics, from a young age he has campaigned in the 2007 Scottish Parliament Election, the 2008 Glasgow East by-election, the 2011 Scottish Parliament Election. He got much more involved in the summer of 2014, when he joined the SNP and started campaigning more frequently in the Independence Referendum. This led to Jack to campaign for his local branch in Shettleston in the 2015 UK General Election, mostly for Natalie McGarry and Angela Crawley. Furthermore, he has campaigned in various by-elections in South Lanarkshire and in the 2016 Scottish Parliament Election. Jack is also one of the founding members of the SNP Young Team. He and the other founding members of that page came together to form the Young Team for Independence, by bringing in people from other parties or non-aligned to work towards Scottish Independence as young people, a vital part in that process. As of May 2016, Jack is also a qualified referee with the Scottish Football Association and is hoping to study HNC/HND Social Sciences at the City of Glasgow College. Jack is also a season ticket holder at Rangers Football Club and likes to play guitar, football and cycle in his spare time.

Alex Paterson

Website Administrator and Co-ordinator

Alex is 15 years old. He has been involved in politics for around as long as he can remember but became increasingly involved during the Scottish referendum of 2014. Throughout the referendum, he campaigned locally and nationally, with Yes East Lothian and the Margo Mobile. Since the referendum, he has joined the Scottish National Party, where he has campaigned during the 2015 General Election, 2016 Scottish Parliament Election and the 2016 EU referendum. He is now the Youth Officer of his local branch. He is in his second last year of school, and hopes to then go onto University, to study linguistics and law.

Rory Watson

Social Media Administrator and Co-ordinator

Rory Watson is 16 years old. He first became involved in politics in February 2014, through canvassing with his Mum and the Radical Independence Campaign. From there, he was inspired by the referendum campaign and got involved with his local Yes groups, particularly Yes Clydesdale and Yes Hamilton. Following the referendum, he took a step back from politics, before joining RISE in September 2015, campaigning for an independent socialist republic of Scotland. He believes that young people have an incredibly important part to play in the future of our country, and it’s down to us to ensure that young people feel valued and can live in a Scotland that works for the millions, not the millionaires.

Blue Bradford

Research, Content and Knowledge Manager

Blue Bradford is a 17 year old political activist, who rose to prominence during the referendum on Scottish Independence. Elected a youth Councillor in South Lanarkshire in 2012, Blue soon began climbing the ranks of Scotland’s youth political scene, being elected to both the Scottish Youth Parliament and the UK Youth Parliament – sitting in the House of Commons. He was also elected to serve as the Social Justice Spokesman of the Scottish Youth Parliament. Prior to this, and Scotland’s referendum on independence, Blue had founded and chaired the Yes Campaign’s youth wing in East Kilbride, as well as being a local activist for the SNP. He is a strong believer in social justice, mobilising our country’s vast wealth for all, and protecting our citizens against the heinous attacks from the Conservative government. On business, Blue believes attracting industry is pivotal to the growth of the Scottish economy, as well as attracting jobs for the people of Scotland.

Daisy Collins


Daisy’s parents impressed upon her from an early age that “everything is political” and since she can remember, politics has been part of everyday life. However, it wasn’t until the Scottish” Independence Referendum that she actually engaged in politics. She attended debates, listened to speeches, followed social media and began to think for herself and voice her own opinions. She had just turned sixteen at the time of the referendum, and she is so glad to have received the opportunity to vote. Her passion was ignited and the flame is well and truly lit and she looks forward to an independent Scotland.

Jamie MacLean

Research, Content and Knowledge Manager

Jamie MacLean is 18 years old. He is from and lives in a village in the Highlands and studies Gaelic on the Isle of Skye. He is now a fluent Gaelic speaker and is aspiring to be a Gaelic secondary teacher. He has an interest in everything to do with languages and was converted to Christianity in June 2015. Jamie first got involved during the referendum campaign in 2013 and 2014. He was an admin on the (unfortunately misspelt) Facebook page “16-18 year old’s for Independence” and got involved leafleting and putting up Yes signs in June 2014 and joined the SNP in July 2014 and became an active member of Wester Ross SNP branch after the independence referendum. In the aftermath of the referendum, he co-founded the Facebook page “SNP Young Team” with Jack McKelvie and Kirsten Murphy. Jamie also helped to get Ian Blackford elected as MP for Ross, Skye, and Lochaber in 2015. When campaigning he takes photos (not terribly good though) of the scenery in which he is campaigning as in the Highlands, in particular in rural areas, leafletting teams are generally just individuals. In the run up to the Scottish Parliament elections, he helped elect Kate Forbes as MSP for Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch behind the scenes, helping in particular with correcting and editing Gaelic posts for Facebook, and involved in Maree Todd’s campaign team as well. He voted Remain in the EU referendum and he is looking forward to campaigning for Scotland’s independence once more.

Callum Murray

Graphic Designer

Sometime around January 2014, Callum decided that he wanted to be part of the Scottish Independence campaign. He was worried that his age would deter people wanting him to be part of the campaign, and so did not actually get involved until around March. When he finally joined, he was pleasantly surprised at how well he was accepted. He was on the doors canvassing in no time! Leafleting and of course setting the street stall up and handing out more leaflets, and balloons! Although Scotland didn’t win its independence, he still believes it will happen one day. He continues to campaign to this day, having campaigned for the election and the re-election of Roger Mullin MP and David Torrance MSP, which both resulted in record landslides for the party in the respective constituencies. He thinks that it would be excellent to see even more people his age getting involved.

Kyle Renton

External Relations and Development