Estimated support for Scottish Independence

Welcome to the Young Team for Independence!

Welcome to Young Team for Independence! We’re a group of young people, aged 15-25, who support Scottish Independence. We believe that the best people to make decisions for Scotland are the people that live and work here.

On the 18th September 2014, Scotland narrowly rejected independence, on the basis of a ‘new package of powers for Holyrood’ and ‘guaranteed EU membership’. However, while the 2014 referendum campaign may be over – Scotland had changed forever.

Within three months, the SNP membership had increased by over 400%, and support for smaller pro-independence parties hit record high levels.

The promises of the Better Together campaign soon collapsed, with the watered down ‘Smith Commission’ powers being the polar opposite of Gordon Brown’s ‘devo max’ promise. Yet, only recently, when Scotland was pulled out of the EU against its will, support for Independence increased dramatically.

Independence is as close now as it was on September 18th 2014, and young people have a massive part to play. Support for independence was highest amongst the younger generation, and it’s up to us to ensure that ourselves, and our children, grow up in a fairer country – where our future lies in our own hands.

We hope you enjoy the website, and will continue to back Scottish Independence, no matter how you voted in 2014 or in any general election. Independence goes further than any party or political figure.

Our time is now.