With Scottish Labour completely losing the plot on their position with Brexit Britain (trying to appeal to both brexiters and remainers but failing to do both), we should probably take a break to allow our mental state to heal and avoid sheer insanity.

But recently we’ve been looking at old tweets and articles in relation to businessman Kevin Hague, a strong supporter of the UK and also a remainer in the EU referendum. But this rather interesting tweet came up.


Hague 5


The tweet suggests that Hague is appealing more to the Brexit argument with an emotional appeal of values and citizenship. This isn’t his normal approach when making the unionist argument, since he usually has an economic case to present.

Then something even more interesting came up. Jim McFarlane, who is Kevin Hague’s business partner, had to say this about Scotland, the EU and their business back in 2014:



Hague 6


That, right there, is incredible. Note how his partner states that currency is less of an issue for us and that EU membership is their primary concern.

And it’s not the first time such concern has been voiced.


Hague 2


Hague 7


Hague 8


So Kevin Hague and his business partner made multiple things clear:

1) EU membership is their primary concern due to them wanting “continued, unbroken membership of the European Union”.

2) Agreeing with Chris Deerin, he thinks Brexit means the UK is closer to becoming a “diminished, self-obsessed country” like he argued against for an independent Scotland.

3) The “only possible” way to have Scotland in the EU and UK for the “best business outcome” was to vote No in 2014.

If their primary concern was EU membership, then it would seem most logical that Kevin Hague would want to do the most he can to stay in the EU, and independence is the best option on offer for him to achieve that. And what difference would it make? After all, he believes that the UK is coming closer to being a “diminished, self-obsessed country” anyway, so either way he loses.

And then there is also this tweet.


Hague 10


We’ve covered this multiple times, but instead of repeating ourselves, Joanna Cherry has aced it…



Kevin Hague is now left with an emotional argument rather than an economic one. Even though the UK is heading in a direction to which he thought an independent Scotland would lead, he’d still rather keep his bets with Brexit Britain (despite leaving the EU being his business’s primary concern).

Or maybe, just maybe he was always talking nonsense?