For a while I myself have tried to avoid writing about one of the most disgraceful mainstream voices for the union on social media, however recently I myself have had the last straw. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Jill Stephenson AKA Historywoman.


jill stephenson


Jill Stephenson is well known within the social media aspect of Scottish politics. Being described by the Times newspaper as “one of the most compelling voices in support of the Union”, she is also a member of the anti-independence organisation “Scotland in Union”. 


history woman 5


history woman 6

history woman 6


Jill Stephenson first came into the spotlight of some very small controversy when she made the claim that Yes voters were less educated/bright in comparison to No voters.


history woman 6


(studies do show that young and educated are most engaged with the independence debate, but I’d also like to add on that most young people actually voted Yes) Anyway, it’s not a tweet from 2014 that has caused issue today. Because over the last couple of months I’ve come to see that Jill Stephenson is one of the most disgusting and horrible people I’ve come across on social media, holding some very controversial and extreme views. Her views have even caused her to be kicked from writing on the the Scotsman newspaper, and the new Scotsman editor to distance himself from her. It’s time that the Scotland in Union member was properly called out for her extreme views. So without further ado, let’s go over what she has said.

1) Jill Stephenson has shared racist, homophobic and ableist content 

Jill Stephenson came under major fire when she retweeted this image:


history woman


The above image was what had her kicked from the Scotsman, portraying all nationalists as gay, black and autistic in a negative fashion. But this wasn’t a simple retweet, she made it clear she endorsed the image as a portrayal of all nationalists.




When she was asked it such an image was acceptable, she refused to condem it or apologise for sharing it.


disgraceful 2


It reminds me of another post on Twitter by the ex-leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin.


nck griffin


If that was SNP’s future then it’s in safe hands. I mean look at those guys, they’re as suave and cool as they come!

But on a serious note, such horrific content being endorsed by Jill Stephenson is utterly horrendous and should be condemned by everyone.

2) She called Mhairi Black MP a “slut”

Mhairi Black, who has been an inspiration for young women who want to participate in politics, sadly faced this childish comment from Jill.


history woman 6



Her comments quickly grabbed some media attention.


history woman 6


history woman 6


history woman 6


history woman 6


Such comments only makes the tone of Scottish politics more toxic, with such statement being blatant sexism. Originally Jill claimed she made the comment because of the “SNP’s ‘dishonest’ referendum campaign”, but when further pressured months later then changed her story and claimed she meant it in the form of “slob”. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. I should also probably point out that such comments have put politicians out of a career, like ex-UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom. However Scotland in Union seem to be happy to associate with Jill. Again, I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

3) Calls English pro-independence supporters “little fuckers from south of the border”

Are you English and believe that Scotland should be a self-governing nation? Here’s what Jill Stephenson thinks of you:


history woman 7


What makes it more remarkable is that she calls out Yes voters for also being “anti English”, yet uses incredibly stupid language as such to describe English supporters for independence. You cannot make it up.

4) Believes there will be civil war and No voters will take up to arms in the future

This isn’t a joke. Seriously:



It gets even worse though. She later sites the US as an example of how civil war stopped the United States from breaking apart, and calls it “sensible”.


history woman 8


And it doesn’t end there.

5) Believes that Holyrood should be shut down 

Yup, this isn’t a joke either:




6) Created a conspiracy theory that suspicious packages were a set up by the SNP

After the SNP were sent four suspicious packages (one which included an anthrax threat and called for the Tories to be elected) Jill Stephenson didn’t buy it.


history woman 9


We suspect right now Jill Stephenson is wearing tinfoil on her head in case aliens start trying to control her mind. Or maybe aliens are controlling her mind, hence why she holds such horrific views? I wouldn’t rule it out…

7) Silent protesters who oppose the Rape Clause are “idiots”

The Rape Clause, telling rape victims to recount their sexual abuse through an eight-page document, whilst getting a third party to also back it up then give it to DWP employees in order to prove that their abuse is worthy of government welfare.

Makes you sick, doesn’t it? So it’s no surprise that all parties in Scotland (except the Tories) oppose such a vile and inhumane approach to welfare. In Dunblane the other day two women politely protested beside a Tory stall without causing any issue at all.


history woman 10


But Jill Stephenson doesn’t like it when two women politely protest. No sir, not at all.


history woman 11


Jill Stephenson is one of the most disgusting individuals I have ever come across on social media. Her racist, homophobic, ableist and bigoted views have no room for mature debate in Scottish politics. Yet despite such an extreme attitude, the likes of Scotland in Union will happily have her part of their organisation and let her represent them.

Could we logically conclude that the unionist campaign seems happy for such views to be expressed and be affiliated with her? Recent developments have shown a large increase in Tory extremism within the Conservative Party, with very little being done to challenge it. So it’s not surprising seeing similar attitudes within Scotland in Union. The bite of British nationalism is one which seems to lack shame, so don’t expect any positive developments anytime soon.


history woman 12


It might scare her, but maybe she should look at herself and the hateful language she uses. Then she might just understand.